Staff Team

These are the staff of Thomas Jones School for the academic year 2021-22.

Head – David Sellens

Deputy Head – Lindsay Johnson (SENCo and Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Leadership – Abi Kantoch (Assistant SENCo and Monitoring Lead)

EYFS Leader - Natasha Peurois  

Key Stage One Leader - Melissa Kiley

Key Stage Two Leader - Scott Gourley (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Business Manager – Janice Hall

Clerical Officer – Angela Briscoe

Premises Officer – William Wharmby

Curriculum Leader – Verity Handyside

Assessment Leader – Natasha Peurois


Class Teacher - Polly Holmes and Lindsay Johnson

Nursery Officer - Sylvie Achi


Class Teacher - Natasha Peurois  

Schools Direct Student Teacher - Molly Johnson

Support Teacher - Stella Cant

TA - Janet Murray

LSA - Weit Sittichai

Year 1

Class Teacher - Rachel McCombe

TA - Janet Murray

LSA - Eddie Blanchard

LSA - Nicky Mokrzycki

Year 2

Class Teacher - Verity Handyside

TA - Priscila Michelle Aranda and Alison Giambrone (booster support)

LSA - Floriane Di Knoop

Year 3

Class Teacher - Melissa Kiley

TA Fatima Daoudi, Di Okello, Alison Giambrone and Di Pounder

LSA/TA - Dwaine McKoy

LSA - Maria Tzima

LSA - Corinne Smith

Year 4

Class Teacher - George Plumridge

TA/LSA - Di Pounder, Di Okello and Janet Murray

Year 5

Class Teacher - Scott Gourley

Support Teacher - Stella Cant

TA - Alison Giambrone

LSA - Kim Lerona and Jackie Hixon

Year 6

Class Teacher - Jason Dass and David Sellens

TA - Di Okello

LSA - Jude Reignier