Positive Behaviour

Pupils’ behaviour at Thomas Jones is exceptionally positive. This has been validated on numerous occasions by individuals who visit the school. This reflects our ethos and clarity of purpose.

We have exacting standards regarding positive behaviour and are overtly pedantic regarding even relatively minor incidents. Crucially, the school takes an overtly proactive and pre-emptive stance to safeguard the gentle, calm and rather ‘otherworldly’ environment that exists. Positive behaviour depends on trust and strong relationships between pupils, staff and parents and carers. Thomas Jones acknowledges its legal duties under the Equality Act 2010, in respect of safeguarding and in respect of pupils with special educational needs (SEN).

Principles of Positive Behaviour at Thomas Jones

  • Pupils should be offered opportunities to remedy negative behaviour
  • Self-discipline is promoted and pupils should be praised for behaving positively
  • Guidance/advice regarding ways of improving behaviour should be constructive and accessible
  • Raised voices are discouraged but when deemed appropriate should be used sparingly and in a controlled fashion
  • Mutual respect between children, staff and children and staff and parents/carers is at the heart of positive behaviour and should be modelled at all times

It is the school’s responsibility to regulate the conduct of all pupils in and around the school where possible. Parents/carers will always be kept informed and encouraged to work in partnership with the school to resolve issues in an expedient and linear fashion.

Key Values

Pupils are expected to:

  • Act upon advice and/or warnings immediately
  • Focus on learning and complete assigned work
  • Be consistently kind and friendly
  • Respect each other
  • Consider the manner in which concerns are expressed and use formal standard English when interacting with staff, parents/carers and other pupils.
  • Recognise that opinions are not truths
  • Behave consistently and conduct themselves reasonably in the classroom, around the school, playground and outside of school with their peers
  • Avoid interfering with others’ belongings
  • Be honest
  • Wear full Thomas Jones uniform

 The school community does not tolerate bullying, racism or homophobia (please see ‘Prevention of Bullying’ on pages 6-9 of our Positive Behaviour Policy). Negative incidents should be reported to a member of staff at the earliest opportunity. We maintain a quiet area in the playground for those pupils who do not wish to play physical games.

On educational outings pupils are expected to act as ambassadors, bringing credit to themselves, their families and the school. For health and safety reasons children are not allowed inside the school buildings at any time without supervision. The school takes an extremely serious view of behaviour such as defiance or rudeness or non-compliance.

A full copy of our Positive Behaviour Policy is available from the link in the right hand column.