Parent and Carer Guidelines for Live Video Communications

During a time where live communication occurs between school and home please ensure that the following is adhered to:

  • During any live video communication an adult must always be present in the room (if a KS1 child does not have a parent or adult with them during the live communication then it cannot take place).
  • Children are expected to dress appropriately and have paper and pencil ready.
  • Children need to join the meeting on time.
  • Use of language should be appropriate at all times by anyone who speaks on the video communication.
  • The environment where the video communication is taking place must be appropriate and calm, ensuring the child can focus.
  • If a child or parent is communicating negatively or inappropriately during a video communication, the communication will be immediately terminated.
  • The video communication should be seen as a child centred activity and not an opportunity for parents to communicate directly with their child’s class teacher. Please use the class email address if you need to communicate directly.
  • Parents should support the class teacher by ensuring their child engages and communicates in an acceptable manner at all times, e.g. not talking over others. Older children should be encouraged to make notes.
  • The child’s class teacher will at times mute the entire class to be able to communicate effectively. Younger children will need adult support to unmute themselves at a given point if they need to speak.
  • All children will need to leave the live communication promptly at the end of the meeting unless the class teacher has requested a child or small group of children remain on the call for a specific reasons.

Please note that the live video communications will be recorded from a safeguarding point of view.
Constant review of the live video communication process will take place to ensure it is effective. You will be advised of any enhancements to this if necessary.