Early Years Foundation Stage

Under each skill area heading we have listed the skills we'll be teaching to your children in the EYFS.


Manipulating materials to produce a planned effect.

Chooses particular colours for a purpose.


Beginning to construct, stacking blocks vertically and horizontally, making enclosures and creating spaces.

Selects and uses simple tools.


Constructs with a purpose in mind.

Adapts work where necessary.

Confidently speaks about wants and needs, interests and opinions.

Technical Knowledge - Cooking and Nutrition

Begin to understand some food preparation tools, techniques and processes.

Practise stirring, mixing, pouring, blending.

Discuss how to make an activity safe and hygienic.

Discuss use of senses.

Understand need for variety in food.

Begin to understand that eating well contributes to good health.

Technical Knowledge - Textiles

Begin to explore weaving and threading techniques using threading, lacing and weaving boards

With support, begin to match and group materials based on their colour or texture.

Technical Knowledge - Construction 

To begin to use a range of construction equipment to create models both inside and outside.

To use recycled materials to construct models.