Year 3


  • Use simple greetings, such as hello, goodbye
  • Ask and answer simple questions about self
  • Use familiar nouns e.g. classroom objects
  • Give simple descriptions of objects, i.e. colours


  • Use a gesture, respond with the correct action, and identify specific words in key questions, responses and songs.
  • Respond with correct language to key questions.


  • Read and understand familiar nouns, such as classroom objects
  • Read aloud familiar words and phrases from short texts and songs with reasonable accuracy.


  • Identify a missing word from a key phrase or question
  • Write one or two simple sentences using a model
  • Label a drawing they have made, i.e. a black cat


  • Match the correct definite/ indefinite article to a noun with increasing accuracy
  • Use picture and word cards to build phrases to show the position of adjectives of colour