Year 4


  • Use a wider range of familiar nouns, adjectives and phrases to talk about themselves and others
  • Link phrases to produce a short sentence
  • Ask and answer a wider range of questions using different question forms
  • Express preferences about what they like/ dislike


  • Pick out words and phrases in texts, stories and songs
  • Count and recognise numbers up to 30
  • Listen to up to three familiar sentences using familiar vocabulary and respond in English
  • Respond to a wider range of key questions and phrases


  • Understand key points in simple texts using familiar language
  • Follow a text such as a song, while listening to it at the same time
  • Link phrases to make a sentence


  • Write a few simple sentences using a word bank for support
  • Experiment with writing new words


  • Correctly match definite/ indefinite articles to feminine, masculine and plural nouns
  • Place familiar adjectives, e.g. those relating to colour and size in the correct place in a sentence.
  • Select the colour adjective agreement to describe masculine and feminine nouns
  • Begin to use 1st/ 3rd person pronouns