Year 6


  • Understand and use transactional language, i.e. in a café or at the doctors
  • Give a description, i.e. of a town, the season or their body.
  • Express and justify their own opinions.


  • Listen to longer texts, i.e. stories, weather forecasts, with a native language speaker where possible.
  • Understand language from prior learning within new contexts, such as colours, numbers, weather nouns.


  • In pairs or groups, read longer comprehension texts, including their own written work.
  • Independently read and understand the key points in a range of different texts.


  • Use adjectives to add further interest to a description
  • Use some simple adverbs to make sentences more interesting
  • Write longer texts based upon focus topics, including the seasons and illnesses


  • Identify the correct adjectival agreement for colours, body parts and feelings
  • Identify the correct placement of adverbs in phrases
  • Understand the contractions du, de la, des
  • Correctly conjugate a range of high frequency verbs, including aller, aimer, avoir, être