Year 3

Locational knowledge

Location, scale

  • An increasing understanding of 2-D and 3-D maps through further exposure to Google Earth
  • A significant expansion of their knowledge of the United Kingdom and its principal features
  • Precisely what is being referred to by the labels: the United Kingdom, Great Britain and British Isles
  • Egypt and the Nile.

Place knowledge

Space, place, interconnections

  • Knowledge of how changes to the landscape made by humans a long, long time ago can still be seen
  • Knowledge of the seasonal nature of farming in Ancient Egypt and how the Nile dictated this

Human and physical geography

Human and physical geography, cultural awareness and diversity

  • An initial understanding of some of the key features of rivers
  • Basic understanding of the process of coastal erosion
  • Understanding that water (the sea; rivers) offers leisure opportunities
  • Understanding of the key features of a holiday resort
  • Knowledge of how important hills were for early settlements
  • An understanding of what a tumulus is on a map
  • Build on knowledge of what a glacier is and what it does
  • Knowledge that there are different biomes and an initial awareness of the main ones
  • Knowledge of what a desert biome is and the names and locations of the biggest deserts in the world

The environment

Physical and human processes, environmental impact and sustainability

  • Knowledge of how the area in which they live has changed over time
  • An awareness of how early agriculture shaped the landscape

Data and maps

Observation, collecting data, analysing data, communicating about data, using sources of geographical information, interpreting sources of geographical information, communicating information in a variety of ways, making meaning by using specific and precise geographical vocabulary

  • The ability to compare and contrast
  • Interpreting information about weather & climate in table form
  • Developing geography fieldwork skills
  • The ability to ‘read’ and interpret a Geographical Information System (Google Earth)
  • An ever increasing geographical vocabulary
  • Further progression in 2-D map work skills
  • The skill of interpreting how land is used
  • The ability to evaluate features of an alternative environment to their own and express views about those features.
  • Being able to recognize features they may see in the UK landscape
  • An increasing ability to locate a country on a world map