The outcome of meeting the requirements of the National Curriculum for mathematics ensures our children are well-versed in number and mathematical operations. Children will be able to independently investigate and approach a range of reasoning problems, selecting from many well-practiced strategies and giving reasons for why they have chosen certain approaches.

Our mastery curriculum ensures that not only are children ready to continue mathematics at secondary school, but they are also able to use mathematics in many contexts in everyday life, something we actively encourage.

Outcomes at the end of Key Stage 2 are impressive, as shown through consistently high national test results year-on-year. We strive to ensure that all children meet the ‘Expected Standard’ as a minimum and each year a significant number of children will exceed this gaining the ‘Greater Depth’ accolade.


Our Leader of Mathematics is a member of the West London Hub for mathematics in order to be kept abreast of changes in curriculum or guidance. As we have only recently moved towards a mastery approach, we have a mentor who is in regular contact with the school to ensure children are progressing well and staff are confident with their approach. Our teachers take part in regular professional development sessions to ensure they are confident at delivering our mathematics curriculum effectively.