The personal development of our pupils is a priority of each member of staff and takes place through all aspects of school life at Thomas Jones from the ethos and values of the school, through the whole curriculum and extra-curricular activities.

Built from children’s learning in the early years and through the cyclical curriculum we have in place children leave Thomas Jones at the end of year 6 with core areas of learning embedded and have developed their key skills and attributes.

Effective planning, where children have opportunities to revisit learning, reinforce their knowledge across all six themes and practice their skills alongside ongoing assessment informing planning adaptations, ensures that all children develop the core skills, attributes and understanding needed to move on to secondary school as resilient, respectful, confident individuals able to understand a range of view-points, articulate their own and stay strong to their belief system. The impact and measure of the effectiveness of our Personal Development curriculum is evident in hearing children articulately discuss their learning and debate a range of topics confidently, articulating their own and others opinions with clarity.