Physical activity has a multitude of benefits for children both physically and mentally as well as socially and emotionally. Taking part in regular physical activity is a habit that we encourage all children at Thomas Jones to adopt from a young age as an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

The outcome of a rich, rigorous and connected experience of learning in PE will be a child who can:


  • Demonstrate knowledge about game play in a range of sports
  • Use some level of skill to engage in a range of sports
  • Show an adequate level of fitness
  • Understand how physical activity fits into the broader picture of a healthy lifestyle
  • Demonstrate some level of confidence with physical activity and be willing to participate


The benefits of regular physical activity also has a positive impact in other areas of learning for the children such as an improved level of concentration during lessons, the ability to better communicate with others and an improved understanding of how to efficiently work as a team. These benefits are all seen at Thomas Jones, so much so that additional physical activity breaks are often utilised by teachers and children throughout the day across year groups.