Physical activity has a multitude of benefits for children both physically and mentally as well as socially and emotionally. Taking part in regular physical activity is a habit that we encourage all children at Thomas Jones to adopt from a young age as an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

The outcome of a rich, rigorous and connected experience of learning in PE will be a child who can:

  • Demonstrate knowledge about game play in a range of sports
  • Use some level of skill to engage in a range of sports
  • Show an adequate level of fitness
  • Understand how physical activity fits into the broader picture of a healthy lifestyle
  • Demonstrate some level of confidence with physical activity and be willing to participate

The benefits of regular physical activity also has a positive impact in other areas of learning for the children such as an improved level of concentration during lessons, the ability to better communicate with others and an improved understanding of how to efficiently work as a team. These benefits are all seen at Thomas Jones, so much so that additional physical activity breaks are often utilised by teachers and children throughout the day across year groups.

Competitive Sport

The competitive element of sport is developed from early on in KS1 through tag rugby. Each week children from Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 represent Thomas Jones in weekly competitive leagues. These leagues see Thomas Jones competing alongside local schools in a variety of sports such as mixed netball, mixed handball and football for both boys and girls.

Over the years Thomas Jones has done extremely well in many sporting events and have almost always qualified for borough finals in the competitive sports named above. Our news pages demonstrate many of our recent achievements.

Competitive sport is further established during the summer term when we undertake the annual KS1 and KS2 sports day as well as football matches held at school against local schools for children who did not make the team for the leagues.

PE Clubs

Thomas Jones offers a variety of after school sports clubs to children in all years from Year 1 upwards. The coach also runs the football, and hockey clubs available for KS2 children as a training session for the weekly leagues. 

Yoga club runs before school on a Tuesday and there is a weekly dance club available to Year 3 and 4 run by Tip Top Dance.

PE Educational Visits

Thomas Jones pupils continue to have fantastic opportunities to attend world class sporting events. Historically, in June 2019, twelve children attended the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships and in November 2019, ten children attended the ATP World Tour Tennis at the O2 Arena. The PE leader continues to seek further opportunities.