Impact is assessed by class teachers at the end of each unit, across year groups and key stages to ensure that children are meeting their age related expectations in RE and are developing in their skills and understanding. End of unit assessments link to the age related expectations for children at each stage.

At Thomas Jones all children are given the opportunity to make progress in their learning, including those who may come from the religion or belief system being studied. Assessment focuses not only on knowledge acquisition, but also on skills of evaluation and whether or not children are reflective learners and can practise and apply thinking skills.

At the end of each unit children answer their enquiry question to assess their developing understanding of the given concept from their own, others and a religious perspective. The manner in which children approach this is adapted to the age and ability of the children and may take place as a questionnaire, piece of reflective writing, oral presentation, image etc.

The impact of our Religious Education curriculum will ensure that by the time children reach the end of Key Stage 2 they are able to make enquiries readily and independently and are:

  • Reflective individuals who are able to apply their own understanding and understanding of a range of different world religions, non-religious beliefs and humanism to a range of enquiry questions.
  • Able to communicate effectively their own and others’ view points.
  • Respectful individuals able to demonstrate respect of other ideas beliefs, cultures and faiths.
  • Able to respond to an enquiry question from their own experience and also communicate the experiences of others and beliefs/ religious or non-religious view points of others and how these impact on the way we and others live their lives.
  • Ready for their next steps in exploring world religions and beliefs at secondary school and beyond.
  • Able to reflect on their own beliefs.
  • Listen to, explore and respect others’ point of view.


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