Year 6

Age related expectations inform planning and ensure there is good progress and achievement for all children across the key stages.


Children and young people can explain their own response to the human experience of the concepts studied.


They can explain examples of how their responses can be applied in their own lives and the lives of others.


Children and young people can explain key concepts that are common to all people (A concepts) as well as those that are common to many religions (B concepts) and they can describe some key concepts that are particular to the specific religions studied (C concepts).


They can explain how these concepts are contextualised within the beliefs and/or practices and/or the ways of life of people living a religious life in the religions studied.


They can evaluate the concepts by explaining their value to people living a religious life by drawing on examples. Dialoguing with other children will enable them to discern for themselves, and so identify and describe in increasingly complex ways, some issues they raise.