Science is a way of thinking, and a way of looking at and understanding the world in which we live. Asking questions, challenging ideas, and thinking critically with the support of evidence are all life skills that are learnt and developed through the teaching of science.

Jean Piaget said that children are ‘active builders of knowledge, little scientists who construct their own theories of the world’, and this is at the heart of our approach to science teaching and learning. Walk into a science lesson at Thomas Jones, and you never know what you might encounter: from recreating parts of the human digestive system in Year 4, to dissecting plants in Year 1, designing and making electrical circuits in Year 6, or investigating shadows in Year 3. From the very start of their time in the Early Years, our pupils are encouraged to think creatively and to question how their world works. They are taught how to observe, investigate and evaluate their findings, rising to the challenge of being real ‘scientists’. We aim for the children to develop a sense of responsibility and respect for all living and non-living things.

At Thomas Jones, we believe in approaching the subject of science through investigation, exploration, active participation and experience. Our science curriculum is therefore enquiry-based. This enables our pupils to satisfy their own intellectual curiosity whilst developing their abilities to make intelligent predictions, to reason, and to draw worthwhile conclusions, using evidence and data as justification. We promote resilience and independence of thought and approach, ultimately aiming for our pupils to see for themselves the relationships between what we learn in the classroom and everyday life.

Throughout the year, academic trips are organised to link with each year group’s science curriculum, and we are lucky to have the acclaimed Science Museum in South Kensington on our doorstep, as well as many other top learning facilities, such as the Holland Park Ecology Centre and the ZSL London Zoo in Regent’s Park. Annually, the school participates in the national British Science Week venture, focusing on a different theme each year. All Key Stages (including the EYFS) take part in a variety of activities and investigations across this two-week period. We also invite a variety of skilled and knowledgeable visitors in to carry out learning workshops and investigations, to supplement the learning taking place in the classroom.