Year 1

At Thomas Jones, our Programme of Study for Personal Development sets out learning opportunities for each key stage across our six core themes. Learning opportunities within each core theme for each year group are organised around one or more key questions. These questions frame each unit of learning. The question provides a ‘hook’ for the children and an opportunity to connect learning throughout the unit. The question is returned to throughout each unit to demonstrate development of the children’s knowledge, understanding and skills. Questions have been carefully sequenced to ensure progression.

Identity and belonging

Where do I fit in?

H21. to recognise what makes them special

H27. about preparing to move to a new class/year group

R1. about the roles different people (e.g. acquaintances, friends and relatives) play in our lives

R2. to identify the people who love and care for them and what they do to help them feel cared for

R3. about different types of families including those that may be different to their own

R23. to recognise the ways in which they are the same and different to others

L4. about the different groups they belong to

L5. about the different roles and responsibilities people have in their community

L6. to recognise the ways they are the same as, and different to, other people

Feelings, friendship and behaviour

How am I feeling?

H11. about different feelings that humans can experience

H12. how to recognise and name different feelings

H13. how feelings can affect people’s bodies and how they behave

H16. about ways of sharing feelings; a range of words to describe feelings

H18. different things they can do to manage big feelings, to help calm themselves down and/or change their mood when they don’t feel good

H19. to recognise when they need help with feelings; that it is important to ask for help with feelings; and how to ask for it

H20. about change and loss (including death); to identify feelings associated with this; to recognise what helps people to feel better

R5. that it is important to tell someone (such as their teacher) if something about their family makes them unhappy or worried

R10. that bodies and feelings can be hurt by words and actions; that people can say hurtful things online

Health and wellbeing

What keeps me healthy?

H1. about what keeping healthy means; different ways to keep healthy

H2. about foods that support good health and the risks of eating too much sugar

H3. about how physical activity helps us to stay healthy; and ways to be physically active everyday

H4. about why sleep is important and different ways to rest and relax

H7. about dental care and visiting the dentist; how to brush teeth correctly; food and drink that support dental health

H26. about growing and changing from young to old and how people’s needs change

Safety and risk

Who keeps me safe?

H28. about rules and age restrictions that keep us safe

H33. about the people whose job it is to help keep us safe, including community helpers

H35. about what to do if there is an accident and someone is hurt

H36. how to get help in an emergency (how to dial 999 and what to say)

R13. to recognise that some things are private and the importance of respecting privacy; that parts of their body covered by underwear are private

R18. about the importance of not keeping adults’ secrets (only happy surprises that others will find out about eventually)

R19. basic techniques for resisting pressure to do something they don’t want to do and which may make them unsafe

R20. what to do if they feel unsafe or worried for themselves or others; who to ask for help and vocabulary to use when asking for help; importance of keeping trying until they are heard

Money and the workplace

What can we do with money?

L10. what money is; forms that money comes in; that money comes from different sources

L11. that people make different choices about how to save and spend money

L12. about the difference between needs and wants; that sometimes people may not always be able to have the things they want

L13. that money needs to be looked after; different ways of doing this

L15. that jobs help people to earn money to pay for things

L16. different jobs that people they know or people who work in the community do

Being a good citizen

How do we do the right thing?

R25. how to talk about and share their opinions on things that matter to them

L1. about what rules are, why they are needed, and why different rules are needed for different situations

L3. about things they can do to help look after their environment