Ambassadors for Climate Change

In recent weeks, Year 3 have immersed themselves in learning associated with climate change and sustainability.

Other pupils from across the school are also keen to, in real terms, take action to reduce their carbon footprint. Simple everyday tasks such as switching off lights in rooms that are not in use, ensuring that waste is limited and opting to eat more plant-based dishes are a few of the proposals class councillors have mooted as being infinitely achievable. I’ve been impressed by the above scholars’ maturity and willingness to engage in this topic, one that has, again, been in the news of late, for all the right reasons. Since Monday, Year 2 have produced the most intricate of collages, inspired by Henri Matisse’s 1953 paper sculpture, The Snail. These were made by cutting or tearing shapes from card which will later be painted with gouache paint. The shapes were placed and pasted with emphasis on composition.